Trademark Registration in Indonesia - Complete Guide 

Complete guide to trademark registration in Indonesia for legal protection. A trademark is an invaluable asset for a company. By registering it, you can obtain legal protection for the trademark in Indonesia. 

We are a Registered IP Consultant ready to assist in protecting your trademark in Indonesia. Patendo has 10 years of experience in registering trademarks in Indonesia, as well as in copyright and industrial design registrations. 

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Thousands of clients from various countries have entrusted the registration of foreign trademarks in Indonesia. The requirements for registering trademarks in Indonesia are quite easy, just email your trademark logo and sign the power of attorney and pay the trademark registration fee in Indonesia. 

Why does your trademark need to be registered in Indonesia? Many foreign trademarks have been registered in Indonesia by people other than the original trademark owner. 

So that when the real trademark owner wants to register the trademark in Indonesia, they are too late and cannot register their trademark because someone else has already registered it first. 

Of course you don't want this to happen to you, right? Immediately register your trademark in Indonesia so that it is not misused by others, your trademark could even be lost if someone else has registered it. 

By registering your trademark in Indonesia you will have huge advantages including protecting your trademark from counterfeit goods, usually counterfeit trademarks have poor quality that can damage your trademark image in Indonesia. 

Want to register a trademark in Indonesia officially but confused about the process? Patendo is ready to help! 

As a renowned intellectual property legal service company, we have experience in assisting thousands of local & multinational clients in registering trademarks in Indonesia. 

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Our Trademark Registration Services in Indonesia 

Patendo provides complete services related to registration and protection of trademarks in Indonesia, including: 

✔ trademark name & logo design consulting 

✔ Trademark clearance search 

✔ Preparation & submission of documents 

✔ Assistance with DGIP processes 

✔ Regular reports on registration progress 

✔ Trademark renewals every 10 years 

Why Use Our Services 

There are many reasons why you should choose Patendo as your partner for registering trademarks: 

⭐ 10+ Years of Experience 

We are very experienced in the administration and legality of trademark registration in Indonesia. We have assisted thousands of local & multinational clients. 

⭐ Registered IP Consultant 

Our team of trademark consultants are fully licensed IP law experts. They are very familiar with trademark registration regulations in Indonesia to ensure that the process goes smoothly. 

⭐ Data Privacy Guaranteed 

The confidentiality of client data & information is our top priority. We also won't use that data for any purposes other than the scheduled services. 

⭐ Affordable & Transparent Fees 

The trademark registration process in Indonesia with Patendo is very affordable. We are transparent and provide details related to all expenditures and fees. 

There are many other advantages to using Patendo's services. Contact us now for more complete information! 

Complete Guide to Trademark Registration in Indonesia 

In order for your trademark application to run smoothly and be successfully accepted, it is very important to follow the correct procedures based on regulations. 

Here is the complete guide: 

1. Online Submission 

The initial process of trademark registration in Indonesia is to submit an application online. Applications are submitted on the official website of the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights of Indonesia / DGIP and through a Registered IP Consultant like Patendo which has 10 years experience in registering trademarks and has been trusted by thousands entrepreneurs. 

Foreign trademark registration in Indonesia must use the assistance of an IP Consultant, because the trademark registration form is in Indonesian. 

Make sure the digital files uploaded meet the specified standards for smooth process. Some key documents such as forms and applicant identities usually have to be in PDF format. 

2. Examination by DGIP / Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights Indonesia 

After the online submission is received, the next stage is examination of the files by DGIP. Officers will verify the completeness of the administrative requirements of the files and the legality of the data submitted. 

It must be ensured that all submitted requirements are complete and legal. If it not passes this, you are required to complete it again for faster processing. 

3. Announcement in Mass Media 

When your trademark registration file is declared administratively complete and legal, the next process is an announcement in the official mass media. 

The purpose of this announcement is to provide an opportunity for other parties who object to the trademark registration in Indonesia to file an objection or protest. 

4. Issuance of Certificate 

If there are no objections after the announcement period ends, the final process is the issuance of an official trademark certificate by DGIP. 

You can download a softcopy of the certificate in PDF format for free as proof that your trademark is officially registered and legally protected. 

Trademark Registration Fees in Indonesia 

There are several fees that you must pay in the trademark registration process, namely: 

Trademark registration fee: USD 200 per trademark per class of goods/services 

Trademark renewal fee: USD 250 per trademark per class 

If you are still confused and need assistance, Patendo is ready to help! 

Requirements for Trademark Registration in Indonesia 

The following are the requirements for trademark registration in Indonesia: 

1. Applicant identity 

The trademark applicant must be an individual or legal entity acting as the trademark owner. 

2. Example of the trademark 

The applicant is required to attach an example or image reproduction of the trademark to be registered. 

3. Classification of goods/services 

The applicant must determine the classification of goods or services that will be protected by said trademark. Classifications refer to the NICE Classification. 

4. Proof of payment of trademark registration fees 

The registration requirements include proof of transfer or payment of trademark registration fees in Indonesia according to applicable regulations. 

5. Power of Attorney 

If the registration is authorized to a Registered IP Consultant, a valid power of attorney from the trademark owner must be attached. 

Those are some of the mandatory requirements that must be met when registering a trademark in Indonesia for a quick and smooth process. 

Time to Register Trademark in Indonesia 

The time needed for trademark registration application is 3 working days. You will receive proof of trademark registration application, this proof is valid proof from the government stating your trademark has been registered in Indonesia. 

As for the trademark certificate you will receive it within 12 months after your trademark is approved by the Indonesian government which is represented by the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights of Indonesia / DGIP. 

5 Benefits of Trademark Registration in Indonesia 

Still hesitant about registering your trademark in Indonesia? 

Here are 5 major benefits that can be obtained by registering a trademark: 

1. Get Legal Protection 

A registered trademark is entitled to full protection from the state. Your product cannot be freely imitated or circulate illegally. 

2. Increase Credibility 

Consumers have more confidence in products whose trademarks are registered. This enhances your credibility in the eyes of customers. 

3. Build trademark Awareness 

By consistently using a registered trademark on products & packaging, consumers will increasingly recognize and be aware of your trademark. 

4. Prevent Trademark Piracy 

A legally registered trademark provides a strong shield against acts of piracy or plagiarism by irresponsible parties. 

5. Increase Company Value 

Intellectual property assets such as registered trademarks can enhance perceived corporate value in the eyes of potential investors. 

Register Your Trademark in Indonesia Now 

That is an extensive discussion of the process and benefits of registering a trademark in Indonesia for your business trademarks or products. 

If you still have any questions about registering a trademark or want consultation, don't hesitate to contact us: 

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That’s the complete stages of trademark registration in Indonesia along with the required fees. Make sure to understand the process so that your submission runs smoothly. 

If you do not immediately register your trademark in Indonesia, someone else may register your trademark and you will lose your trademark ownership rights in Indonesia. Of course this would be very detrimental to you in the future. Immediately protect your trademark, contact Patendo right now.